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Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Alumunium
Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Alumunium
Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Alumunium
Cable Gland Crouse Hinds TMCX Alumunium
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Jual Crouse Hinds TMCX, Cable Gland OSCG, Cable GLand OSNJ, Cable Gland Unibell, Cable Gland Brass, Cable Gland Nylon, Cable Gland Hawke, Cable Gland Metal PG dan Lain - lain.

Kami menjual Industrial Cable Gland, Explosionproof Cable Gland, Armoured-Non Armoured, Marine Cable Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Metric, Npt, Pg, Atex, Cable-Gland-Explosion-Proof-Reducer-Double-Nepple-Fitting-Conduit-Explosion- Proof (Anti-Ledak/ Gas-Proof) Explotion Proof Lighting, Luminaire, Fluorescent Lamp, Balas, Junction Box dengan jangkauan pengiriman ke seluruh indonesia.

Protection Type Explosionproof

Gland Type Armoured barrier, TECK armoured and non-armoured barrier

Cable Type Metal-clad (interlocked or continuously welded corrugated armoured), non-armoured and tray cable

Sizes 1/2" to 4"

Environmental Rating NEMA 4 and IP56

Standard Material Aluminum

Optional Material Brass

Optional Finish Nickel plate


Standard material is aluminum

Stainless steel copper-plated spring provides grounding continuity of cable armour (MC cable only)

Provides explosionproof compound seal on conductors and watertight seal on outer sheath of cable

Standard neoprene seal suitable for use in operating temperatures -25° to 60°C

Cold Shrink™ Kit is available for extra protection in aggressive environments

Available with NPT threads 

Armoured Cable Gland

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